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Fruits & Vegetables #4

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For some reason, I like the lower left best. To me it seems simple and elegant.

The lower right was from a picture of a single apple that someone and carved a design into.

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But above all else, have fun.

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  2. mm6015:41
  3. lorraine_moraine17:07
  4. Charlotte1318:09
  5. harryp18:41
  6. gringa4919:44
  7. lizat22:14
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Yum yum!!! I love avocado too, sometimes with just a spoon. But your ideas sound yum. I love the egg salad.
Themes. I'm afraid I won't be of much help not knowing what makes good raw material for kaleidos. Having said that, I LOVE Frank Lloyd Wright stained glass designs. Jenny made a really nice puzzle from these once.
Thank you again for another winner!!


Great time on the puzzle, BTW.


Thanks, Elizabeth. I liked the quote also and it did fit the theme very nicely.

I like the upper middle too. It's funny. Most of my life I never ate an avocado except maybe as guacamole at a Mexican restaurant. Just in the last few years, they have become perhaps my favorite fruit. They are classified as a fruit, actually a berry but they make a mighty good vegetable also. They are so versatile. I like to cut one in half, grind some pepper on it, add a bit of salt and a splash of Cholula Sauce and dig in with a spoon. And great sandwiches is to take an avocado, a couple chopped up boiled eggs, a spoonful of pickle relish, a spoonful of dried onion flakes, some salt and pepper, a squirt of Real-lemon or Real-lime and a shake of Cholula and mix it all up like egg salad. Now, that's good eats!

So... ya got any ideas for a new theme. I thought "Tools" but after constructing a few kaleidos it just seemed there was no texture. And not much variety in color. Actually, that's perhaps the main reason I quit constructing them. I used up all my good theme ideas.



Hi Bill,
That's a really lovely quote! So fitting!
Anyway, of course and as usual I love this puzzle. I think my favorite might be the upper middle (avocados) although I like upper right also. As to lower right, okay, I see the fruit stems, but I still think it's a giraffe! (LOL!)
I nearly missed this puzzle. Then I realized that I was following web1323 but not web1323_1. This has been remedied.


Thanks, Lizat. On some of my older puzzles from last year I would include an inset of the original picture. A lot of kaleidos are totally unrecognizable and I always wondered about the origin of many of them. The lower middle started life as a basket of fruit. Pineapple, plums nectarines oranges and bananas. If you'd care to see the original photo, go to


I enjoyed the fact that I could recognise some of the fruit and vegetables and some were a complete mystery. Like you I like the lower left, but found the bottom middle the hardest to get my brain round. Liz

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