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Evel Kneivel - The early years.

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True indeed. If it weren't for that cartoon, civilization would be in a mess...……

Oh, never mind.


Obviously this picture was taken during Evel Kneivel's early years... before Bullwinkle inherited his uncle Dewlap's upsidasium mine... the anti-gravity material that gives bumble bees and the Airbus 380 the ability to fly... (notice I am leaving out the fart reference... it's a holiday today)


That will make you jump higher and further.


I too naively thought many years ago that in my long jump there are all convertible cars. How wrong I was.
The roofs have been reinforced !!


If you are going to crash a lot, you need to learn how early in life.


the 2nd car was likely a convertible and it all ended well, hence there were more years to come, me thinks.


The early years ... I expect an image two minutes later ... and don't tell me I'm spitful.

And the following years?