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Summer is HERE.... : (

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Las Vegas, Nevada
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I know that you don't get rain very often down there jeri...coming from vancouver I "can't imagine it" kids are talking about going down again soon....if it works out I will let you know...of course I do the pay "we will see"


Lucky you guys - that is hot hot hot!! Winter by us and some days a high of 16 degrees but usually about 12 or 13 and freezing mornings and nights ☺☺☺


It was 109 one day last week ! I can cope up to 100 degrees, after that, all I do is sit
under a fan with the AC on 76F degrees. Humidity is 9%... so that helps. Rain..? What's
that ..? We haven't had any rain.. since...?... I can't remember when. My cold water in the
kitchen is running hot, and takes a while to cool down. Life in the Mohave Desert... : (


Hope your A/C works well Jeri!! :))


Enjoy your cool front (Sun & Mon). ;)


Ours are not that bad but are bad enough. They are in the 90's


I can not imagine such temperatures at all. :-)


wow jeri...that is even the nights...we are still sitting way back in the 50/60 range....and it is cooler here than most years....but no rain...we need rain for our fires...sure is scarey


It's not as hot in Denver as either of you have experienced so far, but it's warmer than it should be for early June. Mid 90s this weekend. The part that kills us is it's not as cool at night as it should be. At least we don't have humidity. Ugh!

i understand. i am in iowa and we have had many 100 degree temps already. our normal temps are usually in the 70s. today it was 96 with a "feels like" temp of 107. i am originally from texas so i know about hot summers. may God bless us all this summer. stay cool. : ))

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