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July 23 2021

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  1. Honi5411:07
  2. Meganrene01212:14
  3. katai12:36
  4. kathy5513:55
  5. mtols1314:13
  6. harryp14:20
  7. MarshaG6114:27
  8. RiverSmiles14:35
  9. ta_mosquito15:09
  10. karjen15:10


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Great puzzle thank you, and I hope all went well for you!


Hi Toto, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to help to entertain us! Great puzzle, I think my faves are the vertical stripes in the upper left, and the teal with the decorated sparrows (?). Did you pass muster?


I love the large blue panel with birds, Very lovely design.
Thank you for your puzzles! No apologies needed if you need some time for yourself.
We enjoy them so much when you make them.

Wonderful, again. Thank you.


Lovely :-)

Thank you.

I like your puzzles as well

I like your puzzles as well


well I sure like your puzzles.....and I hope all went well yesterday....good luck to you......robin

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