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Five weeks old.

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My hand will almost cover all of her?him? Can’t see the cute face and still blue eyes.
First day out in the room. She didn’t know about cat sofas and cat blankies. The rest of them still don’t. This one ate some of mommy’s dry food too today. One is more advanced, but no one has used the litter yet. Mommy cat has been real good, but I could tell they were getting too big for her.
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  1. hadzi3:24
  2. Arug3:33
  3. Ennasus3:41
  4. slavka13:56
  5. jbow4:11
  6. Isobel20054:14
  7. Smp474:28
  8. donnebrook4:47
  9. dRo4:53
  10. Erzulis5:20


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Thank you.

Ah! Now I see part of the story. I'll keep my eye out for updates on how you're doing with your large and lovable family.


Thank you both. The mommy cat was just an abandoned kitten too not long ago. (My first cat was eight years ago, and that mommy plus OOPS! almost said how many, are still here.) All this litter like it here, mommy too. But it is too many. I didn’t tell anyone they are here. Right now as I am typing, I have 5 kittens sleeping on top of and between my bare feet, so soft and light. Thanks for your kind words, it’s not admired by regular people because no regular person would spend half their income on cats, or not care at all about the furniture or the zoo smell, or be quiet and patient. Busy people with families and things to do have no inclination. My lower legs and arms right now are covered with scratches (and since I’m on blood thinners it is very dramatic). You wouldn’t want your grandma or baby to be around that. This stay at home business is perfect, no one has been in our house. Hubby does litter boxes and construction, I feed them and buy and track packages.
Thanks for the blessings.

Very sweet indeed! Thank-you for appreciating kitties and caring for them.

You are apparently a GREAT Cat Person! I am sure they are all VERY appreciative of how well you take care of them. Keep up the good work and God Bless You and all the other folks who take care of critters large and small.

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