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Today's funny....

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  2. youngone0:08
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  4. mgm500:09
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Happy Birthday indeed! :)

@Dollcollector I don't know if you ever got an answer to your question? It happens when you're working on a puzzle and you expand the screen. If your cursor goes too close to the top of the screen it will put that circle there because it thinks you may want to exit/shrink the page back to normal.

If you don't expand your screen while working on puzzles, you'll never see it.


No Dollcollector, I solve a few small puzzles per day, some with Adobe Flash and some with the new HTML-5, and never saw that. Sorry!


TFS, this is absolutely accurate.


thanks for the comments. I have not encountered that problem myself.


Dollcollector, no, I have never had that happen.............Wendy


I have a question for anyone, have you noticed a most annoying black circle with an
x in the center, it pops down too frequently while I am solving a puzzle. I sent an
email to jigidi administration but they won't be getting back any time soon, it sounds
like, as they are on summer holiday. If you all haven't noticed this then maybe me
computer needs a cleaning. Thanks Doll


LOL, I've seen this one before, received it on an email. It's so funny.............Wendy


thanks for your comments everyone. Like Cyndi I was picturing the whole thing in my mind.

Ooooh, that must have hurt.


You really gave us a surprise ending, and as Isaly stated below.
Thanks for the belly laugh, I will send it on to my email friends.


Hilarious! Thanks for the belly laugh. I can just picture that in my mind......TFP ~ cyndi

so cute, love it. it made me laugh. thank you.

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