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☁️🐦Majestic rulers of the sky🐦☁️

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Haliaeetus pelagicus - Steller's Sea eagle
also called the eastern eagle is the largest eagle ever. It grows to a height of 105 cm with a wingspan of more than 2.4 m and a weight of up to 9 kg is the heaviest bird of prey. It is widespread in East Asia, is partially migratory, for the winter it flies to the Japanese island of Hokkaido. It builds its nests in rocks and trees, and since it is a top predator, it has no natural enemies in nature.
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birdie99, nice to meet you, thank you for your kind words of appreciation. I understand you, the little birds evoke a feeling of tenderness in us, while these formidable predators tend to inspire respect. I see that you have come to this great site recently, I wish you many beautiful experiences ♥:))


Gerda, I am very glad that I brought something interesting for you, thank you for your kind comment ♥:))


Although I am a dedicated fan of small birds, there is no denying the grandeur of this huge eagle. Thanks for the learning puzzle.


thanks for these magnificent birds and for the information.


Judy, so it looks like this is really the biggest. It's always amazing to see them, in the sky or up close, I also always have a strange feeling. Although I more often see smaller predators such as kestrel, falcons or buzzards ♥:))


Wiki says Golden is 6.35 kg max. I’ve see a golden about 30 meters away. It was huge and reminded me of Native American Thunderbird stories.


Jill, are you here? I'm so glad to see you. I think this eagle looks the most scary of them, maybe it's the black color, no doubt the structure of its body ♥:))


Judy, I found the size information on the net, so I can't guarantee it 100%, you may be right. In any case, it's a really impressive size ♥:))


mother1-6, it's true that I felt a little insecure near them but at the same time it was a great experience ♥:))


This amazing bird looks positively scary


I thought the golden eagle was the biggest.
That is an enormous bird. Look at those shoulders.

I think eagles are beautfiul but I would be afraid to be too close to one.

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