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Daisy Dust Bathing

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My crazy Daisy girl enjoying a dust bath. Dust bathes are great for chickens. Chinchillas and gerbils also dust bathe.
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  1. Cinnaminnie47:52
  2. wina53:25
  3. kittykitty1:10:38
  4. brenjb1:49:06
  5. buttercup22:08:18
  6. ioneglenn3:58:03
  7. mary56304:30:30


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@Cinnaminnie - I'm so sorry about your little Bantam. I really have to hand it to you for putting the little guy out of his misery yourself.

Oh no! That's horrible :( I always try to be as well informed as I can be about the animals that I care for. If anything, chickens that dust bathe are some of the healthiest since dust bathing is good for getting rid of and preventing external parasites as well as keeping feathers clean. Whenever I have a sick bird in the flock, they definitely don't practice good hygiene. I have had one bantam cockerel that I had to ask a friend to help me "dispatch" because he lost the use of his wings and legs, so it does take some guts to be able to put an animal out of its misery. However, KNOWING when to do so is extremely important. Observation in different settings is beneficial (almost like troubleshooting a mechanical problem). My mom thought one of my hens was egg bound or dying. I picked up the hen and she laid an egg in the crook of my arms and ran off... Hopefully the rest of the chickens lived a better life than the one hen.


So cute! Years ago I had a neighbor who got some laying hens but didn't know too much about them. One day we heard a shotgun go off and my ex-husb. and I ran over to see what the problem was. There we found our neighbor, holding a shotgun and a dead chicken some 20 feet away. According to the neighbor, the chicken was ill, as it has been "stuggling" for some time in the dirt and he wanted to put her out of her misery. It was then that ex-husb. and I had "THE TALK" about chickens and dust baths. :(

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