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Training school

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  1. 3130:05
  2. Puzzleguy20210:08
  3. racoonstar0:08
  4. MatBattle0:08
  5. treker0:09
  6. RZRgirl0:09
  7. JennyG660:10
  8. Zebrapleco10:10
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I'm so sorry to hear that KC. Another crack in the mosaic of your heart. Stevie sounds a trouper!


My Sweet Number One Kitty, Stevie, died last Wed at the age of 16. His favorite thing was lying in the doorway to the bathroom. The toilet is behind the door so I couldn't get to the toilet while he was lying there. If he'd refuse to move, I'd have to pick him up and move him. That was always a lot of fun when I really had to go. As much as I wish he hadn't done that at the time, I'd put up with it from now on, just to have him here. He was so sweet.

Yup! Been there; done that ..... What gets me is the one FosterMomMaria posted "Get a cat and you'll never have to go to the bathroom alone again"! LOL


Yep, that's exactly what they do. Sometimes I tell them I'm going to punt them across the floor but, of course, I'd never hurt a hair on their little heads. I'll just fall and hurt myself instead. :-)


yes I see them there all the time!

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