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Sprinkler Was Left On All Night
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  1. zadena42:02:46
  2. butterfly9022:03:21
  3. i4sd2:19:21
  4. justanne2:38:06
  5. systyugler2:47:54
  6. kittykitty2:51:21
  7. pholmes3:12:18
  8. lcartist3:43:33
  9. KATHYF4:58:15
  10. joyisme6:04:10


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Hi! systyugler, Sounds like heaven, where you live. Hope you have a
nice Valentines Day systy, come back for another visit.


Yes, Doll . . . this happened night before last . . . we live on a ranch out in the middle of nowhere & because we are at the end of the "water line" we keep a trickle of water going so there is not a pressure build-up up the line that might cause a blowout! (I had just put some pre-emergent weed & feed on the yard and needed to run the sprinkler). We will run a trickle of water in the bathroom sink if the temp drops below a certain point . . . that way we have running water in the mornings! HAR! Nothing like wonderful country living! My neighbors are the cows and the coyotes; I see nothing but horizon and the only thing that blocks the wind out here is barbed wire! ; ) It's not for everyone, but I'm lovin' it!!


Did this just happen recently? You are fortunate that your water pipes didn't freeze up,
and cause you to have a plumbing repair bill? Last winter I didn't put the foam protector
over the faucet, and I have not to this day, checked to see by turning on the water
from that back faucet to see if the pipes have froze, it is covered now. I learned from a
big plumber bill not to leave the hose hooked up during winter months. Take care.
leave the hose hooked up


Hey, Dollcollector. . . I plead temporary insanity on this one! Won't do THAT again! Whew!


Rather pretty, but I think that by the time I got this puzzle solved, they
will have melted, thanks systy.

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