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Moving Photo. Kenya.

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A young boy drinking dirty water due to water scarcity in an area affected by deforestation, risking cholera, typhoid fever, dysentery and other water-borne tropical diseases.
This is photo is among the winners of this year's Environmental Photographer of the Year prize.

Photo from an annual international contest run by CIWEN.
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  1. LadyRed4:58
  2. quickdraw5:08
  3. lydiatwo5:33
  4. mwms7:08
  5. Treeske17:27
  6. Chin10:34
  7. TBG12:33
  8. mae18:46


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The BBC just aired a story about the water being turned off for several days in Zimbabwe, and the resulting risk of additional cholera deaths. Thanks for posting this photo. It makes quite an impression! Zsuzsi


How sad, but how true. I lived in Kenya and it's hard to keep from getting "stuff." We had to purify our drinking and cooking water and clean every vegetable we wanted to eat. Even meat was questionable. Guess I made it. I'm still here. Julie

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