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Kitten Caboodle Series - "Fresh As A Daisy"

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The phrase "The whole kit and caboodle" means the entire amount of things or the entire group of people being discussed. The word kit in the phrase the whole kit and caboodle is a reference to a soldier’s kit, which is the collection of supplies and personal items that a soldier carries with him. The word caboodle in the phrase the whole kit and caboodle is an alliteration of the word boodle. Boodle appears in the United States in the 1830s to mean a crowd of people, later evolving to mean a large amount of ill-gotten money. An older rendering of the phrase is the whole kit and boodle. The Oxford English Dictionary lists the proper spelling as kit and caboodle, though it is occasionally seen spelled as kit and kaboodle.
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  1. Baylee3:00
  2. leeb3:09
  3. bunzy3:13
  4. roseh3:16
  5. nikky4life3:16
  6. dianed3:30
  7. dianajnelson3:31
  8. Inka693:44
  9. Gizmo1233:45
  10. thebetterhalf3:49


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Glad to hear it Peggy.


Love this kitty peeking out over the pretty daisies.



Pretty kitty!


You too!☺


You're welcome Bobbie. Have a nice evening!


Very pretty, cute joke. Thanks Jaynine.☺☺

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