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US State Abbreviations

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The United States Postal Service has assigned a two-letter abbreviation to each of the 50 states. Modern two-letter abbreviated codes for the states originated in October 1963, three months after the Post Office introduced ZIP codes. Iowa (IA) is the only state in America with a two-vowel postal abbreviation code.
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Fun puzzle, and I learned a great deal :-) Thanks from NL :-)))


Hi Pam, thank you, glad you enjoyed it! ✩


Thank you for this puzzle and the interesting info that goes with it, Nette. :-)


Hi Shirley, so pleased you liked the puzzle a lot and thanks for telling me! ✩


Hi Laura, thanks, I so agree about change not coming easily, it took a while to get used to the two letter abbreviations! ✩

I like this a lot – – thank you!


Older folks here in Illinois always write Ill in the envelope for the state. That is the way it used to be...and we all know that change doesn't come easily.


Hi Janet, glad you found it interesting and thanks for the info about you postal codes too, hugs! ✩


I found that very interesting thanks Nette, we have post codes for each town, and each state has a different number to begin. Our little town is 4625, and 4 is our state of Queensland. hugs.


Hi jyl, happy you enjoyed the puzzle and thanks for the info about Canada's postal codes, I like to learn new things... many years ago we spent part of a grand Canadian vacation in your area. ✩


Great puzzle, nette. Canada's adopted the two capital letters to designate our provinces and territories and not duplicate any of the of the states'.
We use "postal codes" that tell those who know where in the country we are; for example, mine starts with V9B which reflects the general location in SW British Columbia: all those that start with "V" are in BC, etc. The last three (separated by a space from the first three) get specific and reveal the street and the block.


Hi Bobbie, thanks, pleased you think it's great my SC friend! ✩


Hi Shirley, glad to jog your memory and thanks for adding info about your states. ✩


Great puzzle, nette. Thanks from SC.☺♥☺


Our States in Australia have abbreviations but are mostly know by their full state names and we have a four digit numeric postcodes, I remember the postcodes coming in but not the year they started. I just googled it and it was in 1967. Thanks, Nette, for jogging the old memory.



You're welcome. ☺ ♥


Hi and thanks from NJ Suzy, glad you enjoyed the trivia! ✩


Good trivia today, nette! Thank you from NY.


Hi Ardy, thanks so much for catching that for me, don't know what I was thinking... I'm going to change it now to state abbreviations as you suggested! ✩


Cmes in handy to know these post office abbreviations, Nette. But for our non-American friends it should be noted that these are not zip codes. Zip codes are the five or nine digit numbers after the state abbreviation. You might want to change your title. Maybe US State Abbreviations?


Hi Lizajune, thanks for commenting, glad it was fun for you! ✩



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