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Lemon Migrant Butterfly...

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Finally!! I've been watching these flit by for weeks - and this one actually stayed put for a while!

Brisbane, Australia.
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  1. moon89620:17
  2. laurajane0:20
  3. KellySue0:21
  4. lyndee0:22
  5. Shian20:22
  6. mariolyn0:22
  7. snooker0:24
  8. Gladstone0:24
  9. cookin0:25
  10. Ribs0:25


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Thank you Rob.
Very nice.


LOL! Thanks Laura - and so is yours:))))


How cute your avatar is, Robyn!


Thanks Nev - I've only noticed them here this summer :))

OOHH!! Aren't you a cutie - thanks Beekay:)))


Ok Robyn...this is your fault LOL!!


How about that Beekay:)))) LOL!! Where's your childhood pic? :)))) Please????
Thanks :)))


This is the avatar you were using when I first met you and I'm so glad to see you using it again.

Nice shot of the butterfly. It really camouflages into the leaves well! Good job Rob! Thanks:-))


Oh yes they can Julie:)))) My zoom:)))) Thanks for commenting!!!

Thanks Dave - and it's good to see the young Dave again:))))


And I still love this avitar that I remember so well!


WOW! Well worth the wait, Robyn!! Wonderful photo and Lemon Migrant!!!


No body can see me.


LOL!! Thanks Lunie:))))


Lovely colored butterfly rob and pretty girl in avatar!


Thanks Barb - I was just pleased to get a pic and ID it!! They've been flitting by and teasing us for weeks - and not landing:))))


It's a beauty, Rob...Wow! So glad you captured it for us, thank you :)


Thanks glgl - glad to see you for the first time:)))

Thanks Lyndee - I had a real job of tracking down the name:)))

I had to zoom right in from about 4 metres away snooker - and they don't stay in one spot for long:))) Thanks :))

Thanks Shirley - I think we've seen more this year than ever before, and I'm pleased you're getting them too:)))


Beautiful, Rob, I have them in my garden also, there are lots of different butterflies around at present, always lovely to see, thanks, Rob.

The wings are lovely with that color and the veins so clearly seen. Good shot, Rob.


Perfect name for this little creature. He's has beautiful color. Thanks Robyn.



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