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Vintage Fashion Illustration

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  1. thee2:52
  2. eyelvpuzls3:06
  3. daisy223:28
  4. Mookie3:55
  5. Gojira4:05
  6. coquerel594:27
  7. andritjm4:28
  8. keithf74:30
  9. gracielou4:40
  10. dbarnett4:46


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Possibly style seems to be disappearing because few know how to sew today. When I was in high school, sewing was a class. Everyone had a sewing machine and know how to use it. We spent time studying pattern books and selecting lovely fabrics at the notions store. My folks grew up in poverty in the depression. My mother had one dress when she was pregnant with me and left it behind at the hospital because she was so sick of having no choice of what to wear. They worked extremely hard to pull themselves up, and over the succeeding years became real fashion plates. Their friends had pretty much the same attitudes. My mother sewed beautiful outfits for me and even for my dolls.


The styles today are pretty boring. Not much real "style" to anything. Just my opinion.

Wish that style was in fashion now. Thanks for sharing.

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