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Truth in signage.

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Very kind of you TIM. The world would be a much duller place without you in it. I from time to time, MIGHT misread or misinterpret something, but perhaps you take things to a different stratosphere.

I am humbled by your great misinterpretation.


Hoff, once again I'm not sure if you are trying to educate me or confuse me... this, from the omnipotent one, our lord and master, the great Wikipedia:

"A bot is a computer software application that runs automated tasks. Typically, bots perform tasks that are simple and repetitive, much faster than a person could"

That being said, "botany" must be the study of bots... those pesky little bots that are controlling our computers... which are controlling our lives.

So does this puzzle mean a bot has died and we should bring flowers to the funeral? I don't think I ever met this bot. Will the dress be casual. I have a suit I bought for two bits.

Sorry for your loss Hoff... If you had told me sooner I could have baked a cake.


That’s so funny Marilyn. We posted at the same time. Lol


There was one named Speedbump. She taught college for her day job. Botany.


I'll always remember shopping at a roadside farmer's stand in Connecticut and running into my biology/botany professor from first year at High point College, No. Carolina. His name was Dr. Flowers.


Are there a lot of drag queens there?


You could start on a dragstrip by a greenhouse.


Watch out for those botanists. Never know where you’ll run into one.


So I guess what's growing in my yard are weeds, they have such pretty flowers, budding out nicely. Shh, keep that quiet. ;-)))))


But is it?


Stealing the flowers but leaving the sign, is still wrong.


The sign cannot be wrong, it could however, be left.


Don't steal the flowers folks, just to prove the sign wrong...


LOL - Good one. You could create your own sign company, most of your one-liners belong up in lights.

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