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Ginger Marmalade Kitties

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I found a tiny orphan Marmalade kitten at College on Monday. Five days later Pounce has pounced her way into our hearts and is growing daily, exploring the world around herself and lapping her kitty milk. So here's a collage of Ginger/Orange/Marmalade cat paintings to celebrate something good that came into our lives quite unexpectedly.

Credits: Robin Parker, Natalia Motuz, Vicki Mount, Rachel M. Brown, Doris Joa, Irina Garmashova, Lesley Anne Ivory, . Alderton, Debbie Cook, Joy Campbell, Rachel Parker, Gary Brown, Zehoriginalart, J. Dunster, Elrin Conchito De Neli, Anna M. Nale, Elina Ellis, Viola Bz, Catmoji, Oxana Zaika, Anna Catharina moxiedoxiecatgirl, Porterfields Fine Art, Braldt Bralds, Bridget Voth, Jenna Hickman, Natalia Illiarovna, Vászka - Boris Kaszjanov, Anne Marsh, Artev Yaz Gesini, Charlotte Cortazzi, Carolee Clarke, C Wagner, Carol Lew, Garry West
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Dear Jayne, I know you are on school break, but I am starting to feel a bit concerned to not see any Jigidi posts for ten days. I am just praying that God knows what you need and will help.
I've been enjoying some of your previous postings here and just loved hearing of how Pounce came to you...bless you for rescuing her. God bless and keep you and yours. Y F Judy


Great story Eva. Some animals come into your life because they're just meant to be there I think. Tag, my spaniel, is still adapting and a bit jealous while fascinated at the same time. Our new baby has no fear and seems to take great delight in teasing him too. Hopefully he will settle down and they will be like your Luke and Bobo! God bless you too. Jayne


What a great Ginger Cat Collage. Thanks Jayne for posting this particular cat collage..⭐️⭐️⭐️
It will be six years ago in October when my hubby gave me the ok to adopt another cat. He saw how miserable I was without a cat for almost a year. When I had own Cats for straight thirty two off to the shelter and I wanted a Ginger cat and a six months old Ginger boy had just come in that morning and he became mine, but I had to wait four days to pick him up..I just couldn't wait I was so anxious to get him home..The next day a five weeks old kitten was crying his head off under one of our bushes so I adopted him too and both have been a blessing ever since..I named my Ginger cat "Luke" and the baby " BoBo" and they took to each other right away and have not been fighting each other, they only kiss each other..

I've been missing your puzzles and found five in your archives including this one.
God Bless You..❤️❤️


Thanks Cirrus - she is even able to hold a conversation now which is wonderful. Thanks for caring. God bless you. Jayne


Great news about your mom,


Love Raleigh's story Heidi. Glad you have all enjoyed not only the puzzles but the conversation too. Jayne


Ty woodowl, nice story Heidi


Two very heartwarming tales! And a great puzzle to boot! Thanks Jayne :-)


The cat in the blue scarf in the bottom right corner looks just like Raleigh.

A delightful story, Heidi. I've enjoyed this whole conversation here--and I'm so happy that Jayne has her new friend, Pounce.


I presently have an orange marmalade cat, too. Strange story as to how I got him. One day, the postmaster at our local post office went outside to the dumpster and heard a noise inside. He looked and found a paper bag full of newborn kittens. All but one were dead. He took the one inside to warm it up and feed it. He and the rest of the employees hand raised that little marmalade kitten in the post office, and he grew to be their official greeter.... until the day a postal inspector showed up and threw a fit about a dangerous animal being on government property. He gave them 1 hour to get rid of the then 6 month old kitten. None of them could take him home so they called me. I rushed over and got him. Raleigh is a real sweetheart, and is like Will Rogers: He never met a person he didn't like.


Thank you so much Nancy and Sandy for all your kind thoughts. Jayne

Fantastic array of Ginger/Orange/Marmalade. I enjoyed working on it. Glad your mum is better and I hope she and Pounce will get along together. Thanks. Sandy

Such good news about your mum--thanks for let us know--we care about you and your family!!! Hopefully you'll share Miss Pounce's antics and activities. Great name!! Nancy


Hi Nancy, Tiina, Ofjcec, Sqirl and Wendy. I think she is going to grow into quite a character. Just to let you all know, my mum is much better and will be coming home tomorrow so that is wonderful news. Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers. Jayne

Thanks Jayne...just had to smile as I was putting the pieces in, such gorgeous faces. Keeping you in my prayers . Wendy x


bless them all. nothing lowers blood pressure like holding a sleepy kitty.

Wow! What a collection of orange stripes! Made the mistake of trying it when I was tired, so kept dozing off - took a long time to finish, but so worth the effort. Through the years, we have only had one orange marmalade Tom, his name was McKeever. Great cat. Thanks for the very challenging puzzle, woodowl!


Lovely mix ! Thanks, Jayne :-) t.

Happy to hear you saved a tiny orange furball, Jayne! This puzzle in honor of Pounce is wonderful (after I finally finished it--it seemed to take me a very long time to match the heads and tails!) Thanks for posting it.


Love the names by the way! Made me smile - and I guess you're a Harry Potter fan Nuttsky?


Hi jl and Nuttsky, Nice to hear your cat stories. We are really enjoying our tiny little scamp who seems to also like indoors but has a very adventurous soul. So glad you enjoyed this ode to our furry ginger friends, Jayne


I'm much drawn to orange/red cats. Our Smithwick is a wonderful big red tabby boy, and Butterbeer is a pale blond orange fluffy fellow with a magnificent tail. Both are friendly affectionate inside cats. They like to hang out with their humans. Thanks for a fun solve!


I've had many ginger/orange/marmalade cats. Tier, Copper, Mickey and Harey Higgins to name a few. Very special cats!

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