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Mains Veggies

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Roast veggies to go with the lamb. Potatoes, kumera, pumpkin, carrots, red onions, Brussels sprouts.
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Hey Marina that’s interesting, I am also allergic to them! None in this lot, the red is red skinned potatoes and red onion. They are called Kumera here as they were brought to New Zealand by the Maori people, so pre European and known by Maori name.


Here they are called bell peppers and sometimes just peppers for short. That is a very smart move on your part.


Love the vegetable puzzle. Apart from peppers and capsicums (I am allergic to them) I eat all the rest especially sweet potatoes. By the way why do you call them Kumeras?


Jals and here in lies the problem, when travelling some countries call them peppers, some bell peppers, some paprika, and some capsicum. We decided to take a picture with us to make sure we were understood. 😏


Jill, I had to look up what capsicum is. Peppers. I can live without them. :-)
If you had to pick something to be allergic to, peppers are probably the best. lol


Oh sorry Dj yes it is a sweet potato, should have called it that. Thanks

Brightie great that you offered to do that for jals lol Enjoy❤️


Lorna happy they are appealing to you my dear

Eat up Judy definitely cooked separately! Sorry no Capsicums included hubby and I both allergic to them

Extra large serve coming up my friend. Thanks Brian

My absolute pleasure Donna, would be even happier if I actually could serve the meal to you.


WOW how exquisite - this is so inviting xx thx for sharing ♥♥♥♥ I shall have your lamb dear jals ☺☺☺


Is kumera like a sweet potato? Never heard of it. These look fantastic. dj


Nothing better than roasted vegetables. Thanks for serving up such a delicious puzzle, Jill.


Delicious and yummy we love veggies, pile them on please Lady Jillian, ta mate....B


I could make a meal out of the veggies, they look very good. However, if they were roasted with the lamb, I wouldn't eat them.


Lovely and colourful combination. I've had dinner but you are making me hungry Jill!

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