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  1. fran697:07
  2. Mmerfeld8:56
  3. zoescott12:38
  4. atkinski14:08
  5. itsgone16:49
  6. susanz16:52
  7. gwvdwal25:41


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I'm just pullin' yer leg Deklan! I'm a life-long Packer fan, and I didn't like it at all when our coach, whatever his name was, deserted us and went to Seattle all those years ago. But he's gone and you're a new team, and I guess I can begrudge you some congratulations on your impressive one-sided crushing of the Broncos. (I'm not sure my daughter can, though. She used to live near Denver and became a fan in the '90s.)

That first hike from center was sure a big surprise, wasn't it? Nobody thought the first score in the Super Bowl would be 2-0!


Thanks jyl, patsquire, my mother always said. "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all." We are proud of our team and VERY proud of the job our 25 year old second season Quarterback has done.


And they call it the Super Bowl? How dull, how provincial, how déclassé.


If you don't know it won't matter to you. The team is the Seattle Seahawks, winner of this year's Super Bowl. (American National Football League)


I don't see any team name. Who is this?

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