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Dead Horse Point near Moab, Utah

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I like this pic, fairly natural colors for a change.

thanks reddit
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Sorry, but I think your god is a fairy tale, like thousands of imaginary gods before, and the only thing real is deep time. And that makes the Grand Canyon even more amazing, because it is practically impossible for a mere ape like us to imagine such vast time spans creating such complexity without any purpose.

I really love when people capture the beautiful sights of God's creations. This is just one of them. Thank you so much for posting it. God bless you and your family always.

Thanks. I'll try this next time. if I can remember everything you said. My memory is worse than my eyes are.

So Connie wants to know the secret behind the speed :) You happen to be in luck, because I can actually explain the strategy, and it's not magic, and I'm happy to share.

Problem: Organization is the biggest hurdle, and you don't have time to move pieces twice very often. You also need space to organize stuff, while also keeping the puzzle pieces big enough to see. When you start solving a puzzle, Jigidi spreads all the pieces across your whole screen area, and that is not optimal at all. There is a much better balanced starting point that is very easy to do:

1. I have a full 1920 x 1080 screen, and I always start puzzles by shrinking the browser window like this BEFORE clicking into the puzzle.

2. Now click into the puzzle, and the pieces get spread to fill the smaller window. They are a little more tightly packed than normal, which is good unless you are doing huge puzzles.

3. Now re-expand the browser window to full size. Now you have big empty border spaces.

4. Now you have space to start dragging pieces straight to where they go.

The rest becomes a matter of strategy. I usually start with the sky, because it is distinctive, and I can clear away all those pieces immediately, which gets them out of the dog pile, making other pieces easier to see. You can then slide the completed puzzle up, getting it out of your way.

I will do other distinctive areas as I find them. Any major features help, like distinctive lines of the horizon, can get assembled as you stumble onto the pieces. The biggest time saver is trying to only drag pieces once, from the dog pile they start in, straight to, or at least very near to, the pieces they fit with.

Aside from that, I'm just good at concentrating, and good at seeing faint color gradients, which helps in figuring out approximately where things fit, before you get to worrying about the shapes of the pieces themselves.

Happy puzzling Connie :)

You're welcome, and I don't care who got the shot. I just love it when I see a beautiful photo that isn't too busy for me to do the puzzle. My eyes do all sorts of stupid things when I make them look at something that is too busy to discern shapes and colors. i comment most of the time because I can't do the puzzle without telling the poster how much I like it. Plus, i think it would get very depressing after a while to post photo and have nobody comment on whether they liked it, and why. How else would you know if you were posting puzzles that we liked or not?
I do have one thing I'd like to know about you; how in hell do you do the puzzles so fast? I can't count the times I see you on top of the Leaderboard.


A truly beautiful picture! Love the sun-kissed rim in the background, and that gnarly pine in the forefront. You chose a great one, to share with us! Thank you.

Hey Connie, thank you for the compliments, but I don't post my own photos here, and I don't deserve any praise. All the praise must go to Terry, who is an amazing photographer, and tirelessly posts most of the best puzzles on Jigidi. The most I can claim for myself is a good eye for landscapes that make good puzzles, and it's too bad that at least half the pictures I post don't even qualify (often too dark), even though they are so beautiful I can't help but share them here.

I'm glad you enjoyed this pic though, and I'll take this moment to also say thanks for being a tirelessly positive, cheery and thankful person around here, your comments help make Jigidi the happy place it is :)

I love this scene. Is that one of those Bristlecone Pine trees? I've heard of them and might have seen a photo of one long ago, but I'm not sure. Great shot. Thanks. connie


It doesn't look like a photoshopped freak. As a photographer, I am willing to bet that this is the way it was shot.

I also love the subtlety. Thanks

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