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restless night, too hot

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  1. Watchman0:38
  2. Dilubreuer0:40
  3. alias2v0:52
  4. Queensuite0:54
  5. Robbos0:55
  6. anil520:58
  7. bhelen1:02
  8. cobra1:03
  9. UncleGrumble1:04
  10. gigigirl1:05


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If I’m having a day without make up on, I try avoiding mirrors or seeing the neighbours!


I had cataract surgery last week and now I look totally different!


With me its the mirror at the end of my hallway. If I dare look at it I see a little old lady in pain, she wasn’t there this time last year. And mirrors differ, I quite like the results of grooming to go my bathroom mirror, but I dont want to look at my image in the club mirror, its just NOT the same lady (ie little old lady). And I have just started to think of myself that way. But to repeat bhelen, I’m still alive and that’s got to be better than the alternative. Thanks grandma Lucy...I think. Fay.


i have to ditto bhelen. i am now very afraid to look in the mirror. it's just too scary.


Sure do......every morning! :o)


Absolutely!!! Everyday I see more signs of aging...but, at least I'm still alive! LOL

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