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Ash - Bring it closer!

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Sorry I've not been around. Ash was very, very ill. The vet did not give him long to live. His liver was failing and he had turned yellow. He wouldn't eat - couldn't without being sick. I was very scared for him.
But. A course of steroids, antibiotics, intravenous fluids, an ultra sound scan and lots of tempting treats later and he's recovered!! Yay! This photo was taken this afternoon. He's playing again and eating and moving and back to his old self. The vet said she was very glad he had proven her wrong!


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I'm so glad Ash has recovered and really hope he stays that way. It is such a worry when "babies" are sick and can't tell you where it hurts. ❤️❤️❤️


Thank you maegi! The vet called Ash a middle aged cat - can you believe it?! Guess someone needs to tell him to act his age... But not me! :-)


Oh catslave, we're so happy to hear that Ash is now back to his old self - welcome to all of us! He's such a good Boy and you, Freya and Tyr need him I'm sure. All the best to you all!


Of course, Dennie! That may have been his plan...

Thank you soo, he really had me worried! Love to you and your kitties!

Impie, thanks, I've just about recovered from the stress! I think he managed to add 5 years onto me!

Kayell, thanks! It's good to be back! Ear rubs to Ferdy and Sophie! How are they?


Catslave - yay - this is such good news! I was almost afraid to ask... Lovely boy is looking so good - hope he'll stay well now. Good to see you both back! Hugs and furfles from Ferdy, Sophie and Kayell.


Hi sweet Ash, we are so relieved with your recovery, you gave your mum and us quite a scare. We hope you'll continue to stay well.
Welcome back catslave, hope you are doing ok too!
Hugs from Impie & Goofie ♥♥


So happy to hear this news catslave. We know you have had a very worrying time, we hope Ash continues to stay well. Hugs soo, Milly & Willow ♥♥♥ P.S. Lovely set of photos ♥


Nice to see you back Ash and good that you're better after being so poorly and I'm sure your mum catslave will spoil you rotten with treats