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Mason's Arms, London.
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  1. Nelburnian9:34
  2. Budrox12:30
  3. Spyder1012:43
  4. gurisaett14:43
  5. Chayalla15:23
  6. miztarefet17:45
  7. rodfinder18:32
  8. didivh6718:36
  9. timetouse20:19
  10. waellermaedche21:17


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Thank you, Edna. As you can tell, mine is Patricia. Stay safe :)


Thanks for your replay , if I didn't tell you before , my name is Edna …:-)))


I'm sorry to have assumed you celebrate. My best friend is married to a Jewish man, he is also from Tel Aviv, with a lot of family there. They let us know how the virus is calming down. I celebrate Passover with them every year. We have all received our vaccinations. Being from upstate New York, we get a bad rap because it is the City that has the majority of cases. We are rural and away from big crowds. We (my family) have been able to have celebrations. Our restaurants and cafés are open and not too crowded. But we still take precautions, masks, 6 feet separation, etc. Stay safe, Miztarefet. :)


Thank you for your good intentions but no, I do not celebrate
Easter being a Israeli Jew .At about the same time in the year
we celebrate Passover .And yes , because the corona is going very much down
here we are almost back to normal life and I could travel from Tel Aviv and
celebrate with all of my close family .
And how was your holiday ? I read that about 1/3 of the American people
have been vaccinated already !


Thank you, I hope your Easter was celebrated with family:)


Lovely puzzle , thanks patriciadicicco , HAPPY EASTER

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