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Happy Birthday, (ringleader) Ardy!

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Meara was overjoyed to hear that it is your birthday, Ardy! Brace yourself!!

The party is getting started my friends, so let's grab whatever instrument is handy and give up a joyful noise for our dear friend!



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☺ Making the rounds with Ardy's cards will keep you busy, Nicky! Our girl is certainly loved here!


Many Happy Returns, Ardy.


Hester, I'm glad that she made it. It took her a wee while longer to "gather" (technical term for those not in the sheepherding world) her flock over there and she had to contend with time differences as well! However, the "fetch" went well and we had a lovely flock here. ♥

Edie, she's almost 10 but, being a Border Collie, is still so puppy-like and energetic in her enthusiasms! Greeting people she loves is one of them so I'm glad to hear that Ardy survived it! I'm glad to see you here too. ☺

Faye, the party just wouldn't be the same without you! What a distance she had to travel and it was a double-lift! Out to the west coast and then back and then out east to amazing run! She is grateful for the hugs and Darcy is happy for the attention too. Tails are wagging! Watch out for your face though...the tongue is faster than the eye! ☺

She is, isn't she Suzy? That's why we all love her so much. ♥

Ardy, she was doing the quieter rendition...that was Darcy with the big voice. He loves to sing HB while she likes to bring "presents" her holee roller ball. Mind you, she's probably going to ask you to give (throw) it back! LOL ♥♥


Francine, she has me smiling too. You should have heard her singing HB to me on the phone. Now that was unique!! Hester, you and Freddy made record time in arriving. Thank you for coming. Thanks Edie, I happily survived Mears's greeting and Freddy's kisses. Thanks Faye and Suzy. Big HUGS for all. Thanks for making my day so wonderful. Special thanks, Meara and Michelle, for giving them this opportunity. Love ya right back.


Sweet card for a very sweet lady.


I second the Big Birthday Hugs...for Ardy, Meara, and Darcy!!! ☺☺☺


Happy Birthday Ardy. Hope Meara slows down by the time she reaches you. Lovely card, thanks Michelle.


It took Meara a bit longer to swim the ocean and gather together the Wales part of the flock but, here we are at last! Big birthday hugs, Ardy, and big birthday licks from Freddy! :-)


Welcome all! I'm glad that Meara got this flock gathered together to wish Ardy a Great Birthday! She appreciates how you are working well with her and would like to disperse cuddles to all. (I find her smile infectious too, F.!)

Love ya, Ardy!! ☺


Happy Birthday, Ardy. :-))))))
(Meara has me smiling.)


Thank you, Meara. You are really herding them in for my party. Thanks for your good wishes too.

Thanks, Elly, Beekay, jyl,, Sally and Treker for joining in. It's a lovely day. I'm so blessed by my friends.


Another great card for you ringleader! Best Wishes to You!


Good job, Meara... Thanks for rounding up everyone for the party... We'll be there with bells on.... Happy Birthday, Ardy.... (。◕‿◕。)


Happy Birthday, Ardy. Kick back and enjoy it.


Happy Birthday Ardy. Hope your day is filled with fun from start to finish.


Dear Ardy, Happy Happy Birthday, have a beautiful day with your family and friends.Hugs:-))Elly

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