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  2. Brie16480:39
  3. Robbos0:42
  4. starsign10:45
  5. jbow0:47
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Hi Nicky, he sure does doesn't he! I absolutely LOVE his blue eyes, I'm mezmurized by them! Thanks again for commenting! Have a wonderful weekend my good friend!...Hugs


Gorgeous Siamese cat - looks very contented.


Chailie- I don't know very much about this breed of cat, so you probably know better than me what it is! She is quite beautiful though, thanks so much for dropping by, I love your comments!

Gnt1041- I think so too as she's got the prettiest blue eyes I've ever seen on a cat! Thanks so much for stopping by to see me gnt, have a GREAT day!

Ank- Hello there my good jigidi friend, I will do that as soon as I'm done here, thanks so much!

Brie1648- Oh no, I am so very sorry to hear about your sweet, beautiful little Pumpkin! I don't know anything about the auto-immune system, but I sure hope she's able to recover from this and that her white cells go back up! I will keep her in my prayers, please stay in touch with me and let me know how Pumpkin's doing! Thanks so much for stopping to chat with me, stay strong my friend!

PamCal- I think she wishes that too! L.O.L. Thanks so much for your nice comment!

Rob- Casper! What a great name for a cat, I love it! You must take very good care of your pets to have them all live to a ripe old age of 16! That's a pretty long life for a cat! Thanks for stopping by to comment, love hearing from you! Have a really good day today my friend!

Ann- Hello there my good jigidi friend, hope your having a good week! I think he needs a playmate too, I'll send one right over, then he won't look so sad and so bored any more! Thanks so much for your sweet comments!


This is such a beauty. So sorry he is bored. Maybe he needs a playmate...........


This cute one has very similar colouring to our last cat - Casper. He was a Tabby-point Siamese that we had for 16 years! Nice puzzle Monica - thanks.

Oh, I wish I could come play with you.


My little avatar is Pumpkin. She is a ginger tabby and white and used to resemble her name - fat round and orange! She is unfortunately, as some of the others her whose names I recognise will know, not too well. She has an auto-immune problem which manifested itself a month ago but with Prednisolone her white cell count is now down to the bottom of the normal range and every day we have is a blessing. Your kitty is so very beautiful and his eyes are exquisite!


Hi Monica go again to that puzzle, I did answer your last comment.


Fantastic kitty face him and great set


Beautiful cat. Looks a bit like a seal-tabbypoint birman but not quite long haired enough.


Sandy- Your quite welcome my friend! He does have really pretty blue eyes doesn't he? He must be part Siamese! Thanks!

Denise- L.O.L. He would be a beautiful cat model, with those eyes! Your very welcome, thanks for stopping by!

Ank- Hello there my good friend! Hope this morning finds you to be well! I will look at your puzzle for my answer, thanks so much!


Monica you did ask me something, you can find an answer if you read my comments on this puzzle:


A beautiful cat with wonderful eyes. You can't be bored...try modeling:-) Thank you so much Monica


Look at those beautiful blue eyes! Thanks for the pretty kitty puzzle Monica.


Thanks madpol!


Perfect cat!


Hello there Brie1648, she almost resembles the kitty on your avatar! Only yours has more white going up along his nose to his forehead! Your avatar, I think it's awfully pretty, is he/she your kitty?


Booooorrrred...but oh so beautiful!

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