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Our Kitchen

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I painted the kitchen cabinets myself, using reproduction Milk Paint.
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  1. when_in_doubt_roll5:16
  2. lea43th11:59
  3. GJohn26:58


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Nice to hear from you Jenn. We are decluttering at the moment. My husband wants to move to a retirement resort, I, on the other hand don’t really want to. I love our home, but it is really too big for us now and it would be better to downsize. Hope you’re keeping well. Hugs Lea.


Thanks! Finding the right red is always a challenge. We rarely have visitors. We are pretty private people, but I feel safe sharing photos of my home here. xx


Hi Jenn, love the colour, good job. Thanks for welcoming us into your home.

So do I!


I almost went with blue for my cabinets! I love blues.

I will. I've picked a blue color.


jm, maybe just ask about milk paint at the paint store. They may have something similar. What color are you thinking?

RJ, Don't worry about it anymore! I'll just get something suitable at a paint store; my friends are helping me out by doing the painting next week for which I am So grateful! xoxo JM


@jmhoyer57, I haven't forgotten, just having a hard time finding the name of the company, or the can of paint!

Wow! That's pricey! If not too much trouble, I'd be curious. If durable, it beats many of the paints out there. Thanks, honey!


@jmhoyer57, it's pretty durable. I'm very happy with how it's held up here over the years. It isn't cheap though. I think a gallon can I bought back in 2011 was $50.00. I have no idea how much it costs these days. I just love the muted colors and that it isn't shiny. I can get the name of the company I bought it from if you'd like. xx

RJ, I have to have my kitchen painted; is milk paint durable??


Not at the moment!! You can barely see the countertop! Milk paint was used in the 1700-1800's. Probably even prior to that. The colors are wonderful, and they had the perfect red!

I love the color. Not familiar with Milk Paint. Your kitchen sure is clean!



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