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Dublin . .

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A colorful door in Dublin
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Hi Tea, Ireland and Scotland are two of the places I'd LOVE to see when we travel. I do hope to see these two places most of all. Thank you so much. Monica ♥


Hi Monica, noo . . I haven’t traveled as much as you think :) If I had the opportunity, I’d go back to Ireland, I loved it (except for the crazy driving). The people are friendly, the food is good and the scenery is stunning! I’d like to see Scotland too :) I wish you many years of happy traveling !!


Hello there Teagardener, you must travel a lot from what I've seen so far. As soon as my hubby retires we'll be traveling too. I can hardly wait, I've only been to San Diego a few times and nowhere else. I want to see the world and everything in it!!! Have a great day, Monica ♥


Hi @JillianB, how are you? Since you’ve driven around Chicago and LA, you’re qualified, have earned a medal and able to drive thru ANY city in the US :)) I hope you’ll visit Tennessee one of these days. I agree with you, our most difficult driving experience was in Italy. Besides the numerous toll booths and the round abouts, the drivers were . . a better description is seeing the parking lots, full of cars scratched and dented :)) Of course the driving was a minor detail compared to the beauty of this magnificent country and . . the gracious, friendly people! Have a good rest of the week Jill :)


No Tea we haven’t, not actually been to a lot of USA and only really driven around Chicago and areas of Indianna (our youngest son had a sponsorship for two years to do his Masters at Terra Haute University and then worked as Basketball Coach at RoseHulman Uni for couple of years). Other than that been to Washington DC, LA, San Fransico, Los Vagas - from where we did bus tour to Grand Canyon and the National Parks. Europe has been our preferred destination. In answer to your q I think I would say Italy (Rome in particular). USA was only difficult because of driving on wrong side of the road for us ☺️


Just curious Jill, have you ever driven around Atlanta, Georgia? Lol, it’s not for the faint of heart ;) The US has it’s share of crazy drivers. What country in Europe do you think has the worst?


Tea for us it was really easy driving around Ireland, Scotland and England etc more difficult in USA! Lol


Happy belated birthday Jill :) Yes, I see the small cross, almost looks like a church entrance. Loreto College is among an attractive group of 3 story row buildings. I love this colorful city and hope to go back again! Well, love everything except they drive not only on the wrong side of the road, but the wrong side of the car too, lol :))


This is an interesting photo Tea, thank you. I noticed the cross above the door and silverfox’s comment explains that.


Hello Mariolyn, how are you? I haven’t visited many countries, but from what I noticed, the fence tops (I’m sure there’s a better term) and metal chains seem to tell stories, as in relating back to a part of their history. In a day or two I’ll post a few, I think you’ll like them :) Have a good week!


This FENCE looks ornate to me. I can't wait to see what you will post next. Thanks.


Yes it is, but I had forgotten the name! I remember seeing the school uniforms. Wow, a very old college .. Hope you have a good Monday too!


Teagardener....It 's Loreto College. To me it has a stern, straight forward look, like a place where you would want to go to learn.It's a Roman Catholic College built in 1887. The steps are worn because thousands of feet have walked up these steps to learn. It has character. Thank you for posting it. Have a good day tomorrow Linda


Hello Patty Anne :) Yes, the doors are enchanting there! Thanks for solving the puzzle . .

One thing i noticed when visiting Dublin was all the attractive doors.


Thank you Carol Robinson for working it! I like doors too :) In a few days I have puzzles of vintage metal fences in Dublin . . with hands, lions’ feet (paws) and other symbolic art from the eras :)

Thank you for this picture. I like to work puzzles that have doors, steps and fences!

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