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Wounded Knee Mass Grave is located in the Great Sioux Nation and was the site of a massacre by the United States Army against unarmed Lakota people. The nearby river and the ground water are polluted with radioactive mining wastes and touching the water is considered dangerous by those living in what is now the Pine Ridge Reservation.
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No problem. I have seen that video. It's in my playlist.


Ryan thank you so much for the link to Black Snake. Powerful video!


Thank you, Ryan - This image always hits hard. Imagining the bodies beneath this ground. Innocent elders, men, women and children mowed down by the machine guns of 1890. And, the bodies left on the frozen ground; photographers taking pictures of the dead and the mass grave. A sacred place. The blood lust was so pervasive that even soldiers were shot by the crossfire of their own guns. Small justice. Water is everything. Not just its necessity for our bodies but for our spirits, too. A horrible legacy of destruction that never seems to stop.

I just watched Black Snakes. Terrific. Thank you for sharing it. I think I shared this before but am sharing it again. Here is Supaman with (I believe) Maimouna Youseef, "Miracle Feat."


I think my favorite song lately is Black Snakes by Prolific the Rapper and A Tribe Called Red.


It is so very sad and is so much of what some so-called humans do to other humans...genocide, reservations, ghettos, interment camps etc. Lately my favorite song is "To Be Human" written by Andrew Oliver and sung by Marina...also "Savages".


Ryan thanks so much for posting this. @PzzlGrl I echo your sentiments 100%. I guess our schools will never teach anything to their students about how badly we treated the Natives. Kids now are oblivious to it.

Our nation's history is rife with outrageous and sad instances of how the Natives were and are being treated. Natives don't get the "press" that Blacks and Latinos receive … most people are unaware of how badly Natives are treated. My opinion.

Very great sadness.


@MaKai Thought you might be interested in this one.

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