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Hey there Adrianna! You found my site, and what did you think of it? It's one of my favorite sites now, I have found so many neat things to do on this site, and I've learned a lot as they always give great info on so many different things! Someone just told me on one of my other pics that this site was shut down because of not paying! I guess I need to check that out cause I still need it to get more garden ideas, I sure hope it wasn't really shut down, and if so, I hope it's not for very long!


I already have the place taken by stone pots for my flowers.But I found your site on the internet .


Hello there Adrianna! Just for the sake of curiosity, why wouldn't you use this idea in your gardens?


I like the colorful pic but i wil not put this in my garden.


Denise- I think they made the tires bright like that because they wanted them to be as part of the decoration, not just the flowers but the tires too! Sort of like when you do edgers around your gardens, for instance bricks or rocks of different colors! But I know what your talking about as they are quite bright so I would have made them a neutral color so that the flowers were the center of attention! Thanks so much for commenting my friend, people learn by reading other comments about how they would do something a bit different, and I very much appreciate you giving us your approach on this garden idea!... Hugs

Ank- Yes I do too! The tires are definitely quite bright! But I still like the idea of recycling things to make something pretty out of them! But yes I would have toned those tires down to a much more neutral color! Thanks so much Ank for dropping by to comment! You know I always love hearing from you!...Hugs

Gnt1041- Why thank you so much gnt, I always look forward to your comments! Have a wonderful day/evening my friend!

Talia2- Thanks so much talia, I really appreciate your commenting on this garden idea! I'm so glad that you like it! Have a great, well, whats left of this weekend! L.O.L. I look forward to hearing from you again!

Pinknblack- Why thank you so much Pink I do too, I guess I liked this flower from my last days post so much that I decided to use it as my avatar for a while, til I get tired of it anyway! I get bored very easily and have to change things all the time, it absolutely drives my husband crazy cause I'm always changing the furniture around! Then he comes home late at night from work and trips or bumps into something and I can hear him cussing really bad words all the way back to our bedroom! Hee, hee! I'm super glad that you had fun with this pic! Thanks so much!

Adrianna- Uh, thank you? Does that mean you like it or don't like it? L.O.L.

Rob- I think so too Rob that's why I've decided I'm going to do this too! I have the perfect place for it too, I can't wait to get started on this project! Your maiden name is May too? Wow, what a coincidence, that is so cool! I don't know if any of my family came from England, my Dad's never mentioned that before! But, now I'm gonna have to ask him where my family did come from exactly! Wouldn't that be a real coincidence if we really were related? Wow, what a kick that would be to find that out! I should do my family tree sometime soon just to see if there are any relatives out there that I haven't met yet! Who knows, you could very well be one of them! Thanks so much for dropping by to see me, you have a very good day/evening my friend! Talk to you later!


This is a good recycling idea Monica - in the right place it would look great.
I noticed yesterday when you commented on Robbie's shells that your fathers family name was 'May'. So was mine!!! Dad's family originally came from England generations ago - they were from Gloucestershire. It's a bit of a coincidence isn't it?


Very Colorfol


love your newest avatar. Colourful project. made a great puzzle, too.


I find it a good idea. It is very colorfull. Thanks.


another great idea monica


Fun idea, but I agree with Denise.


Hi Monica, I think the bright colours of the tyres takes it away from the flowers, so I think the tyres should be much paler. All the same an excellent idea, Thanks Monica:-)


Thank you very much Toonylunes, I do too! Thanks for dropping by and commenting!


Great idea! I love the vibrant colors of the flowers AND the tires.


L.O.L. Thanks chenoabunny!

Neat idea ! : )

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