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What are the odds?

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  1. muse2me1:46
  2. anettka851:56
  3. joice2:09
  4. FeeFee2:09
  5. plink2:12
  6. annie042:27
  7. jennie2:31
  8. kelizabeth2:38
  9. julied2:40
  10. joan4542:40


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Wow! I like these oneegg twins. :-)


What are the odds? According to the internet, Double yolks are fairly rare – you might find them in 1 of every 1,000 eggs. They look delicious and cooked just right for my taste! (๑╹ڡ╹๑)


Double the yolks, double the jokes, double the fun - how about 3 yolked eggs, prime candidate for the Guinness Book of Records ! ✿❛‿❛✿


Even eggs!

Thanks, fun puzzle, the odds of 2 double yolkers would be off the charts in my market, long way off from the hens.


Jigidi fills my life with FUN!

Jigidi staff



OK, after the previous conversations, I will not make any "cracks" about GMOs.


To FeeFee, we also had a hen who regularly laid double yolkers. We always wondered what would happen if one was hatched.


Usually, when you get one double yolk egg in a carton, your chances are really increased to get a second in the same carton. It does have to do with the chicken's heredity and the chances of the same chicken's eggs getting in the same carton.

In the 'old' days, (when USA farms were smaller) I often got double yolk eggs. I can not remember how long it has been since I last saw one.


Hi Magnus, I get double-yolked eggs all the time. Every time I want to have only two scrambled eggs, it seems that I get the double-yoked ones on the SECOND one I open, giving me essentially three eggs. Never fails. I would say I find a double-yolked egg in every second or third box of a dozen eggs I purchase. Gail


Thanks Magnus, makes a great puzzle. I've never actually seen a double yolk. Thank you also for this wonderful Jigidi you created. Brings lots of enjoyment to lots of people. Thanks again. Jigidi Rocks.............


Thanks, Magnus,interesting puzzle!

i have a chicken that regularly lays double yolker eggs. its actually a hereditary thing. also, love the plate that the eggs are on.


Hummm Think I would play the lotto or what ever is the equivalent there.

Hi,I have a takeaway shop and we go through approx 10 dozen eggs a week and have only seen a double yolker a couple of times. Great to see these. Bring back memories of the "old" days. Cheers

Jigidi staff

A couple of weeks ago it was


Hi Magnus - Cool photo. Your lunch?

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