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Shirley's Lace Recycled

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I used Shirley's design which is in the center square to make the kaleidos for this collage. Link to the smallest size of the original design:

Thanks, Shirley.
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  1. Cattil25:01
  2. swimbee5:04
  3. rockbit6:48
  4. MarshaG617:09
  5. pegstr7:33
  6. Pooka7:53
  7. Spooker8:09
  8. catdon8:10
  9. BarbaraL8:11
  10. uhugo8:33


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Comments from Nancy, uplifting and encouraging! Lorraine


Since we will all be made new I expect to have my singing voice back, I'll be happy to sing in your choir, Lorraine. I'm a second soprano. Nancy, we can teach you to sing on key and good strong voices are always a help. I did a lot of organ work too when I was much younger but not on a professional level, a decent church organist but nothing more.


I sing badly, like off key and very loud. You would have to deal with that. I do make a joyful NOISE to the LORD.

Nancy & Ringleader: I don't know if we'll have one but hope we do...a choir...and I'd like to direct a few songs!--a favorite part of my profession, which was pipe organist.
You are invited to be part of it, if you desire!! :) :) LL


Thanks, Nancy. We'll be looking for you. In the meantime we need to be praying for those we have learned to care for and love here on Jigidi we do not yet accept God as their Father and Jesus as their Brother.


Amen to you both, Ardy and Lorraine, can't wait to meet my jidigi friends. Thank you Jesus for allowing so many Christian friends


Won't it be fun to meet all these people we are puzzle friends with. Thanks, Lorraine. Wishing you a wonderful day. Blessings

Ringleader: I'm Lorraine...and I agree wholeheartedly with your second paragraph! So glad He is Sovereign and in charge! I'll get to meet you in person...just mention 'jigidi'.... :) :)


Loraine, yes, I'm in complete agreement there. My doctor says I'm good for another few years anyway but I've been a planner all my life. I like to know when and how things are going to happen. But this I cannot know. That's what is a bit scary to me.
With the way America and the world are behaving these days our Lord may come back for us while we are still living. Blessings to you. BTW I'm Ardy.

Ringleader---no---not scary at all because of my great Creator's promise of eternal home with Jesus! Praying for you the same. Blessings! Lorraine


You're welcome, Barbara.


Interesting and kind of scary being this old, Lorraine. Blessings to you. 💗


Pretty and fun, thank you.

I am 89+ so guess we could belong to the same club! :) :) God bless! Lorraine


You're welcome, Lorraine. The center is the original so not as symmetrical as the others. It's usually last for me as well. just checked your profile as I don't remember seeing your name on one of my puzzles before. I turned 86 last month. I have mobility problems but otherwise all's well. Welcome to my puzzles. Hope to see you again sometime.

Very nice. I enjoy seeing the center medallion stars come into place...hence the center square was the most recalcitrant and was last! :) Thank you. Lorraine

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