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nine patch and diamonds

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  1. davedave29:29
  2. pewpewpuhdead39:47
  3. WeeMary43:35
  4. PrairieLily50:27
  5. Shezi5952:46
  6. chiaki54:04
  7. sallybritt58:13
  8. Jensom58:24
  9. CassieLassie58:48
  10. Canada441:03:32


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Hi Joanne
It was awful watching him go down and nothing I could do to stop it. He is going to really be feeling the effects of the fall tomorrow.

Our biggest concern of course his back and the surgery. Last week we saw the neurosurgeon and he said more surgery might be needed both above and below the last 2 areas. BUT not now.

Hi Donna
I know what you mean about the colors etc. I didn't see it with the first eye. I am glad to know that you saw it too since no one I talked to knew what I was talking about.
You will be amazed when you have the other eye done.

Isn't it amazing how sharp things are after the surgery? As a quilter, I couldn't believe how the fabric colors just came to life.
You must be experiencing something similar with your painting.

I love your description of the houses looking like they had been painted.


OH, NO!!! I'm glad he didn't do any serious damage. It's so hard when our bodies don't cooperate with our brains. But, I have a suspicion all of us old folks have that problem. We never grow up we just grow old. We still think we are young. Give him a hug for me. One for you also. TGWA
((((❤️)))) ((((❤️))))


Thanks, Donna. We are doing ok but Dan fell today.
He was stepping outside and reaching down to pick up some packages (not supposed to do this). He said his leg buckled. The good news was he was able to get up by himself and roll over to his chair with his walker.
His OT lady arrived minutes later and she checked him over and felt like everything was ok.


I agree with Mahalo. I also like the big ones.

Thanks, heaps, Scrapper. I love your puzzles.


You are welcome, baglady.

You are welcome Mahalo. It sounds like you like to challenge yourself. I try to post 4 different sizes. I will try to make the 400s even bigger ... just for you 😊
Frieda and friends say hi back!

Thanks for this great puzzle. Make more big ones! Hi to Frieda and friends.




Hi Joanne.
Always glad to see your name pop up on one of my puzzles. You are going to have a very big pile of quilts on your bed ... especially if you add all of the Frieda Frogg 'quilts'. Frieda is still on hiatus. Still working on a few ideas. hugs to you my friend


Hi Cecilia, I saw this one and decided to assemble it right away. The colors in each square are really captivating. It's another one I would love to put on my bed.

TGWA ((((❤️))))

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