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  1. life21:17
  2. viktorie1:18
  3. evina561:19
  4. rockbit1:29
  5. javasage1:38
  6. judyc1121:39
  7. txgenius1:39
  8. lydie541:42
  9. auntmom71:46
  10. queendarter1:47


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That's OK. I decided to post two a day as usual. I had posted many puzzles to get my jigidi file in order, but that way is hard to choose the size. Slowly~slowly two puzzles a day. LOL Thank you, Jo.


Lovely outdoor scenes mixed in with those cute swirls!! Lots of fun catching up on your puzzles!! :)


Hi, lydie. Thank you for the nice comment. I feel like decorating it on the wall by your suggestion. Have a nice jigi time.

Hi, puzzler. You are very welcome. Glad to have your message. Thank you.

Hi, Mimi. Glad you enjoyed it. Thank you!!

Hi, Sue. WOW!!! Thank you for the big compliment. I am very glad you like this one I myself love. Have a nice jigi time.

Hi, Libby. Thank you for the message. I am really happy to have a comment, because I love this one very much. Have a nice jigi time.

Hi, faye. Thank you for leaving a message. Very glad you enjoyed it. Have a nice day!


Wonderful, thank you Sachi


Sachi, I couldn't agree more with Ms's wonderful! Thank you! ;-)


The composition/arrangement of this one is spectacular, Sachi. The images and the textures just flow together seamlessly. Fantastic artwork, my dear friend.


Terrific Sachi, it was lots of fun to solve.

Thanks Sachico, lovely as always.


Great design, It would be a great wall hanging.

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