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Wobblybear Creations 160b - Rainbow spider web swirl (Larger version) (+ New series heads up!)

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Here is a colourful rainbow, spider web swirl pattern, for you to sort out if you wish.

(My Creations is an addition to 'colourful ca' images and may be used instead of ca images, and are completely my own work, (unless otherwise stated)).


For the first in the series, see here:

Background information:
I wish I could draw, but I can't, but with Paint and some imagination, this is what I have come up with. There will be colourful, humorous and imaginative images to come. (Images took anywhere from a few minutes up to an hour (average 20-30 minutes).
(The © copyright symbol is on most images - are added as a point of reference, otherwise you are free to use the images if you like (only a couple of images with some added templates have no © symbol)).

To see all my posted creations, click the 'Puzzle' tab, then the 'Search' tab and type or copy in 'wobblybear creations'


Fancy a change? Something a little different perhaps? Something a little more - 'you' perhaps?

Well, some of you are going to really like this new series (I think), starting in a few days time.

So, look out for it and something for every Jigidi player out there, in one form or another and hopefully you will like it as well. The day before it begins 'heads up' will have a little more information.

(There may be a second new series starting shortly after as well).


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