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Very Old Paper Mache Doll ~ Theriaults Antique Doll Auctions

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I will try to find a similar doll, to get an idea
of what she is made of, could it be wood?
The hands are so fragile looking, perhaps
composite, do you have an idea?

I googled and found that this is an
antique Paper Mache Doll.
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  1. Quokka196928:52
  2. jennab333:30
  3. Frejatora34:13
  4. aknakht38:45
  5. Rgnmul41:19
  6. Dollcollector45:15
  7. marib51:39
  8. alballiet1:03:01
  9. bigsis0071:14:18
  10. carmenmar1:26:25


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I just completed this one nicco, goodness here it is April 1, 2017 and
I had posted this on Jigidi back in 26 July 2015. 'Lot of water' has passed
under the bridge since then for both of us.


It's amazing how these papier mache dolls still exist in the condition they are in as they are quite fragile.

Why this advertisement?