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C02 Emissions Per Capita, 2014

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Well, abby, don't be too hard on yourself - you, like Canada, have a small population spread across a VAST country. So the movement of goods and people across that BIG empty continent are going to increase your per capita emissions. Canada is a cold country, and all that heating of homes and offices makes the per capita emissions higher. And I expect that gas flares probably account for a lot of the middle east's whopping high per capita numbers.

Jerry and abby, check out the puzzle I posted of emissions per country to get another take on this problem.

And then ask yourself how you personally can help reduce emissions today, tomorrow, and so on. Thanks for your comments!

It is a very eye opening graph - Our Prime Minister (besties with the President) sings the praises of how good our record of low carbon emissions is... Our population is under 25mil (I think) so it goes to show that we are really not trying and are burying our heads in the sand - for a very small country we have a very big dot! Shame =(


I'm with mefmouse. China's output data is diluted by its huge population. Using per capita logic, a country with a population of 1 could easily make the biggest dot on the chart and not be a serious polluter.


I'm unsure why you don't like this graph, I find it is a useful one when coupled with the graph illustrating which countries are the biggest producers of Carbon emissions.


Stupid metric... Chaina has Billions of souls and could give a shit about Carbon emissions of the controls...

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