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It's not black and white, but it is 39 years old.
Myself, my mother, my grandmother and my oldest son.
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Thank you Milena. I don't know if I'll make it that long either. It was nice your grandfather was still here for your firstborn. My husband's mother was here for both of our grandkids, but she is gone now.
take care!


Bellissimo !!!
Who knows if I'll be able to be one of four generations ... it would be nice.
Only one of my grandfathers did it when my first child was born.

Have a nice day


I would just have to contact a hotel in town and reserve a block of rooms. They would have to either rent one of the rooms or find their own accommodations. It has to be in a place where the younger families can find something fun to do with their kids. Us old people could sit around and visit, although people like my husband would also want to golf. So those tee times would have to be reserved ahead of time. We'd need a place to meet and eat.


Beautiful picture, Judy. You look great. Trying to plan a family reunion does not sound like fun. For years I have thought of having one at the beach. However, just renting a beach house for about 12 of us would stress me out. Some family members are so high maintenance. One time we actually drove down to the beach and went through some rentals because some family members are so picky and would not want to stay in a rundown house. Now most of my siblings feel too old to travel. I would have to get several houses. Some people do not want to stay with others. Everybody would hate staying with my brother’s wife who is a real Debby downer. So many logistics, it stresses me out just thinking about it. I have even thought about renting a house for about 20 people and first come, first serve. But we would have to be over this pandemic first.

The last time we did a beach house, there were 13 of us. We had an elevator, and my sister and I got stuck between floors. We laughed so hard, others heard us and came to our rescue. Thing was, it started on the ground floor outside and went up a half floor to the main floor, but would only open from the inside. The elevator opened on both sides. We did not realize that we should have pushed the button for the other side.

It always seems like a family reunion at funerals, but with the pandemic, no one is traveling to go to them. You get older and the younger ones do not want to go to any of this family stuff.


Thanks dbnc! It is hard to be the last, isn't it?
Our family reunions died with my dad's generation. People now don't want to make the effort to get together. I have heard some of them say they would like to, though, and I've thought just a little about trying to organize one. I couldn't do it all by myself, though.

A great picture to have
We started getting to gather in 1947 on my papa's 65th birthday
There was 9 children they are all gone but me
I am the youngest of the 9
Now the young*UN's carry-on
Thanks for sharing


Four generation photo's are so precious!


Thanks Carol! So many years ago already. My son is 39.
Thanks BB!
Thanks Niccy!


Another one for your to treasure, jals - four generations!


Sweet photo jals, thanks for sharing. : )


How heart warming to see this wonderful multi-generation photo.


Thanks Iris!


ha Bobbie! My grandma was nice. But very quiet.




So precious! grins!☺


Yes, the one the storm was named after. ;-D


Thanks Bobbie. Is Grandma Josephine, your ex's grandmother. I can't remember.

Thanks Rebecca, Cyndi, and Francine!
This was a family reunion for my dad's mother's family. We brought my other Grandmother over, my mom's mom, to the reunion so she could enjoy visiting with people too. I don't think I enjoyed this near as much as I would today. Wish I could go back and really enjoy talking to the ones that were there.


What a special day!


Beautiful four generations photograph. TFS


Special photos. Thanks, Judy.


Wow, great pic. Judy you look really good, and your grandmother looks a lot like grandma Josephine. :)

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