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Abraham van Strij--Reading Old Woman at Window

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Style: Neoclassicism

"Neoclassical paintings have sharp outlines, reserved emotions, deliberate (often mathematical) composition, and cool colors. ...usually have a moral behind them or "meaning" and were supposed to educate, motivate or inspire the public." Source: wiki answers
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There is that, Gayle. :-D


Or, maybe Pat's getting ready for cataract surgery. Thanks Pat, Bill, Plumpossum, SBasha, and alliebono. It's nice to have so many people join in. :-)


yes, I think it's the glare from the strong sunlight. Great painting tfs.


Maybe it has to do with the slightly different angle of the sun (and refraction of the mist) between the small piece of roof see on the left and the larger part visible on the right. Just a thought. I still like the painting a lot!


Sure. A screen. Why not; could be; probably is. :-)

Wonderful painting


Maybe the open window has a screen on it?


Bill, aren't we seeing the right side of the same tiled roof house through the open window and the left side through the open door? If so, shouldn't that left side and the trees next to it be in the same mist? Or are these two different houses? No biggie; just a visual reality check. And yes, I would love to be sitting in that chair with a good book, and my cat at my feet. But, more likely, my cat would be roaming back and forth across the pages of the book.


Pat, I think through the window we're seeing into the misty distance, whereas what we're seeing through the doorway is nearer. That's why the latter is clearer. Looks like a charming little house, doesn't it?


Very pleasant picture. Nice that she has someone to help her. I was wondering why her slippers were not on her feet if she's chilly enough to have a robe on her lap. But perhaps those belong to the lady in the backyard. The window. One part is open and yet the view is as "filmy" as through the unopened sections. I should think the view would be as clear as that through the open doorway.

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