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How are you doing?


Still no news from you ,hope you're fine.
Having health problems with a viral infection and painful headaches..
Not much on Jigidi these days but I hope i'll be able to catch up somehow later on.
Lots of love from both of us and smooches to Bishka.


Dear Pat
As I can't send you personal notification and explain everything I'll just say we were away longer than expected as Anaïs had to have her thyroid removed .Now we're OK and back home for some time.
Hope you're fine too.
Lots of love from both of us to you and Bishka.


She looks lovely.


Blek looks so much like my last dog Cali. Within two hours she had some kind of attack and by
the time I got her to the vets she passed away on their table, I was heartbroken, I could
hardly drive home. That is why I am attracted to Blek. Now I have an older dog, she is 9,
and I got her at 6 1/2 because I am 80 now, and don't want her to out live me, she is a
wonderful dog, very badly abused, and now she'll live her life forever here. Thanks for
looking at her, she has a beautiful soul.


Zdravím Bišku.Tyhle oči umí i Blek:A:


She is happy here Ank, she is waiting for me to get up and play. Thanks


Aw Pat, what a lovely photo. She has that happy look here. Very sweet. I loved all four photos but this one best. Thanks for sharing. ♥♥♥


Thank you Ardy and Faye, she is perfect for me, we are getting old together. Hugs to both
of you.


What a lovely girl! ❤️


Thanks, Pat, fr Bishka's birthday pictures. She's a beautiful companion for you. Hugs for you and scratches for Bishka.