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Another actual sign from the county across the river from me (not that my county is necessarily any different). Read it and weep!
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  1. Nashville339:22
  2. Mags196811:39
  3. moimimi12:35
  4. Emmergee12:56
  5. Kate10913:06
  6. mcstank14:06
  7. PuzzleMaverick15:22
  8. Sedgley17:28
  9. wimaweigh18:46
  10. wildwing22:36


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That is absolutely hysterical. I'm not saying what comes to mind. Keep finding them!! It looks so official. I wonder if Homeland Security is aware of it?


I am trying very hard *not* to contrive a joke involving the words "dead end" or "blind alley," here; I just wanted you forlks to appreciate how difficult that is, at the moment.


Apparently, fines weren't a sufficient deterrent


Oh, I want a sign just like it!


Glad you liked the sign, th_counselor. I'm always seeing these odd signs and I love sharing them.


HAHA! I need one of those that is hilarious!

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