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✾⊱☼⊰✾ Spring welcoming ✾⊱☼⊰✾

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Cornus mas
is a deciduous deciduous shrub that grows to a height of 7 m. In spring, it blooms among the first woody plants with delicate yellow flowers from which oval red fruits grow at the end of summer with very sour to astringent taste. They have a very high content of vitamin C and are used in apol with other fruits to make syrups and jams. In folk medicine they are used for digestive problems
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Yes Jackie, spring is slowly coming. Thank you very much for your lasting favor, I am always happy to see you- I wish you nice spring days and send you a warm greeting ♥:))

Spring is coming, Very pretty buds. Thank you.


Dear Dasa, thank you, I'm glad you understand me. I hope you have a nice day and I look forward to seeing you again ♥:))

Dear Deanna, you wrote it exactly. I hope to see your daughter at Easter. We only met now because of my accident. I have already completed the first dose of vaccination and at Easter everyone will visit me as well. Have a nice day. ♥♥♥


Dear Dasa, I understand you very much, this is a difficult time for everyone. Your daughter has it very complicated with her work from home, learning with her daughter and with the help for you. It's great they to be able to visit you. I haven't seen my daughter in two months and I hope she will can come for Easter. She does tests regularly so we know it's safe. I still believe the heat that will come with spring will reduce the spread of the virus at least a little, and we will slowly return to a more normal life. It seems endless to me. I wish your whole family, above all, health and the joy of meeting together. Now, we appreciate such seemingly ordinary things, don't we? The virus adjusted our view of the world and set clear priorities that we did not perceive before so much. But it could finally disappear !!! Good night my friend ... see you ♥:))

Dear Deanna, I only enjoyed the sun in the window. I don't find much yet. When I find out that I can buy myself, I no longer require care from my daughter. She also works from home and her granddaughter learns from home, so she has enough to worry about. It's challenging, but we have to persevere. The visits here are a LOT for me. Thanks for your kind reply and goodbye. ♥♥♥


Dear Dasa, thank you for the three beautiful suns and nice wish, I'm glad you enjoyed a sunny day, albeit with restrictions. I hope your leg is getting better day by day. I wish you quick healing, you could enjoy your spring walks. I wish you a pleasant and peaceful night and I look forward to meeting you as usual, you are amazing to always stop by me, I really appreciate it, sweet dreams my dear friend ☼:))

Dear Deanna, the sun was shining here today, like in your photos. They are beautiful as always. Hopefully the weather will improve for you too. I wish you a pleasant evening, beautiful dreams at night, nice weather and I look forward to meeting you. ☼☼☼


Oh dear Jaklien, you wrote it so beautifully, thank you. I took the photos on Saturday and since then the sun has disappeared, is only here ☼:))


Oh Deanna, our spring sunshine! ☼

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