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“Mars Perseverance Sol 3”

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“Stitched together on planet Earth, 142 separate images make up this 360-degree panorama from the floor of Jezero Crater on Mars. The high-resolution color images were taken by the Perseverance rover's zoomable Mastcam-Z during mission sol 3, also known as February 21, 2021. In the foreground of Mastcam-Z's view is the car-sized rover's deck. Broad light-colored patches in the martian soil just beyond it were scoured by descent stage rocket engines during the rover's dramatic arrival on February 18. The rim of 45-kilometer-wide Jezero Crater rises in the distance. In the coming sols, Perseverance will explore the ancient lake-delta system in the crater, hunting for signs of past microscopic life and collecting samples for potential future return to planet Earth.”

Courtesy of Astronomy Picture of the Day

Tour the Perseverance Mars Rover’s New Home with Mission Experts (59:20)
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  1. Rote_Tulpe3:35
  2. Kaffesoester4:39
  3. Bill_I_Am5:04
  4. stunned5:08
  5. mereagle6:26
  6. WPGP6:59
  7. crabchick7:22
  8. clairezy9:49
  9. McClock11:45
  10. Arcturus3620:37


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I never quite understand 360° images, but it's still fun since it's Mars. Good think Percy won't get lonely. You're welcome, stunned.

Great photo, I am still seeing Mars as the cocoa planet. Looks very lonely. Thanks so much for the post.


You're welcome, Wendy. I just hope you're not depending on me to keep you up to date on everything Percy is up to. I haven't been keeping up very well myself. :-/

Amazing. Thanks for keeping me up to date, Bill!


Thanks for visiting, Cyndi and mereagle. You're most welcome!


Cannot wait for more of these amazing photos. I hope Perseverance finds great things. Thank you !


What an amazing photo. Thanks Bill


Yes, it should be exciting, whatever Percy finds. You're welcome, Arcturus36, and thanks for your comment!


Hope they find something, will be a game changer. fascinating. Thoroughly enjoyed. Thanks.

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