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Happy Belated Birthday Cat, Sophie and Anne (Catwoman26_Kavadioplikth_Anther)

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Sorry girls, I'm late because of an unexpected hospitalization.
But your friends don't want to miss your birthday and so we will celebrate a few days later. Happy belated birthday, Cat, Sophie and Anne. Like always the buffet is filled with the most delicious cakes, hot and cold snacks, ice creams and everything you like. Of course the champagne is well chilled and there are also hot drinks. Friends from all over the world are coming in, so it's time for the birthday toast. Cheers, Cat, Sophie and Anne, here's wishing you good health, happiness and lots of fun, love and laughter throughout the coming year. Ank ♥♥♥
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Fingers crossed Ank, toes too if it helps. Hugs (*~*)


Hi Michelle, welcome.
Anne, I feel much better than a week ago but now they have to find out what's wrong. At the moment it's very busy in the hospitals because of Covid. I hope they can do my tests soon.
Well, then you know that that is not the best time of the year to be in a hospital, that days you better be home. ♥♥♥


Hope you are much improved Ank after all that horrid time in hospital. A few years ago I spent the week from Christmas to New Year in hospital with pneumonia - strange seeing it was really hot at the time (like most years for us). These days I have standby antibiotics to help avoid those situations. (*~*)


hope you are feeling much better dearest Ank ♥♥


Happy Birthday dear Cat, Sophie and Anne - what a delightful birthday card sweet Ank ♥♥♥♥♥♥


Hi Anne, it's great to see you. I'm sorry I had to make your birthday card this way, I hope that next year thing will go better and that you will have your own party and in time. Hugs ♥♥♥


Thank you for the card and party dear Ank, hope you are improved / improving after your hospital visit. We would forgive you for not posting at this time. Your health is much more important.
Thanks to all for your good wishes especially Barry Koala who is enjoying our WARM weather. I really appreciate these because with a birthday so close after Christmas it's a bit of an after-thought. Love you all, Anne (*~*)


Thanks for dropping in, friends ♥♥♥


Happy birthday Cat, Sophie and Anne :-))))


Happy Birthday Cat, Sophie and Anne, hope you all had good days and will continue to have a happy and healthy New Year. Lovely card Ank. Hope you are taking care of yourself and listening to your doctor.




Welcome to the party, dear friends. I hope you all are enjoying. Find another drink and eat as much as you can, please have fun and ............. party ♥☺♥☺♥


Happy Birthday, Cat, Sophie, and Anne! Wishing all of you many more happy and healthy years. Wanda

Beautiful posting, Ank, as always. Wanda

Happy Belated Birthday Cat, Sophie, and Anne, and many, many more. Cheers from Sandusky, Ohio ;-))


Even though a little late, we still wish a very happy birthday to you Cat, to you Sophie, and to you Anne. From Florida, USA.


Happy Birthday - from White Oak, Texas.

Happy Belated Birthdays!! I hope you all had wonderful days filled with healthy and happiness.
Great party and card, Ank! Please take care of yourself!


Wonderful party, Ank, Happy Birthday Cat, Sophie and Anne, may be a little late but still very enjoyable, Cheers!


Happy belated Birthday to the birthday girls , Cat, Sophie and Anne. Wishing you all good health and many happy returns of the day!


Happy Birthday Cat, Sophie & Anne! Hoping you had a very enjoyable day and blessings for the new year!


Belated good wishes for a happy birthday to all you ladies. Wow, this party is going to be fantastic!
I'm raising my glass to Cat, Sophie and Anne: Cheers!


Happy Birthday, ladies. Hope you all had a very nice day. :)

Happy Birthday ,Cat, Sophie, and Ann, Enjoy your day too the fullest, and may you have many more. Cappy from Long Island, New York


Happy Birthday, Cat, Sophie and Anne.

Pretty card, Ank.


happy birthday dear jigidi family members , hope you enjoyed your day


Happy belated birthday to you all. It's never to late for a party:-)

Dear Ank. You should rest! we want you to stay healthy, so please take care.


Happy belated birthday Cat, Sophie and Anne. Birthday greetings are never really late. I hope your special day(s) were all spectacular and wish you all many happy returns in the coming year. Now for some cake and ice cream (hopefully there's still some left over)...♥


Happy birthday with many happy returns! All is well!


Happy Birthday to you all Cat, Sophie and Anne! I hope you all had a great birthday and can now continue the celebration at Ank's party!



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