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My snow path to the Hummingbird feeder (plus a spot for the dog to "go") yesterday.
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  1. perleblanche0:11
  2. Dilubreuer0:11
  3. Ribs0:11
  4. chuckles19530:15
  5. JennyG660:15
  6. tigress0:17
  7. Ianto0:17
  8. Deanna0:18
  9. redavanti20:18
  10. wshealy0:18


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Again, me neither Robin. But hopefully they are WELL spaced out-like every 10 years or so!-Valerie


not me too wendy.......did you have to tell well I am I guess I don't have too many more to go through...LOL


Me neither, Wendy.-Valerie


I heard on the news last night that we can expect winters like this more often now because of the change in the weather patterns!!! I am not impressed...........Wendy


Totally agree, Robin! -Valerie


that is what I tought also valerie.....but today a man was telling me that it is going to be a blizzard??..........good much more can we take....LOL.......we so are NOT used to this....where is our vancouver rain


Thanks Wendy & Robin. I, too, am SO sick of this. Guess we are paying the price for the last 2 years without snow! Another dump this afternoon then back to rain and normal temperatures. Can't wait!


gaawwwd am I.....I hope the weatherman is right when he says that tonight it will all be back to good ole vancouver rain...LOL.....we just aren't used to this any more...good post valerie....I hope the next one you put up will be all green grass


ValerieBC, I'm assuming your are in B.C. like I am. I'm in the Fraser Valley. My neighbor shoveled off my sundeck yesterday, took him almost an hour. I had a 5 ft. drift up to my kitchen window and we are expecting more. I don't know about you, but I am so tired of winter............Wendy

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