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Lucy on Duty

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40 pieces
32 solves
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Lucy protecting the wood pile.
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  1. leriger21:41
  2. Ianto1:53
  3. hadzi1:57
  4. Deanna2:04
  5. megabelle20002:05
  6. porgy2:30
  7. Agent_Smith2:48
  8. 6toedcats3:13
  9. reba3:59
  10. apple4mrs4:11


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It's the same here, with my Bambi!
She terribly brave... as long as there are no threats!
But if there is some screaming outside (youngsters, going to the cafe, passing by) or a firework... she is totally stressed! And needs me then!


Yes.... when they feel threatened they do come running to the Agent. :}


She looks sweet too!

I suppose it is the Agent that guards the dogs against all evil and bad :)))


She is soft as silk. A very sweet pooch.


Agent_Smith your Lucy is definitely a very good watchman, arousing respect.


The wood pile is safe from me! 21st.


Nobody will take any wood from the Agent with Lucy standing guard!!


10th.....looking good, Lucy!!


She certainly looks alert with those adorable ears!



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