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  1. Jejegasa1:30
  2. Deanna1:48
  3. mapletree1:48
  4. kitkatkit1:57
  5. Pekaji1:59
  6. jrb542:06
  7. Mawbroon2:15
  8. Longbow12:16
  9. jengsc2:24
  10. grandmalucy2:24


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You're doing very well!

Thanks you all!! About the climate, I live in Italy, near Milan.
Please excuse me for my mistakes: I learned English at school a very long time ago and I'm doing my best to write correctly!

I think it's a snowball bush. The Slavic term is Kalinka .


They are a great addition to the garden.
BTW, you could go back and make your correction, just remember to click the save button after you make the fix. To do so click your user name in the upper right of the page, then "my puzzles", then click the puzzle you want to correct, type in the correction in this case "know", click save ☺


I agree with Deanna,,,we call small chrysanthemums pom-poms

What type of climate ? I'd like to look for some!

Sorry, I forgot "KNOW" ......... Thank you! We (my husband and I) bought them many years ago and they bloom every summer.


pimpinella thank you for the beautiful shot. According to the flowers and the shape of the leaves, it could be a kind of small-flowered chrysanthemums. Deanna

No, but they are very pretty and unusual.

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