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  1. Tamara3638:14
  2. soupee8:19
  3. eva1110:19
  4. slavka110:43
  5. rugoba10:44
  6. Sunpuppy1212:55
  7. kim121113:03
  8. makajali13:07
  9. Mamotshka13:48
  10. LadyBea14:42


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What a gorgeous 'quickplay' selection I got with these to beautiful woofers. Hey fellow jigidi players, this is a very close photo of the woofers and there may very well be a nice cool pool waiting for them just out of shot. I'd be more worried if they were in a car with the windows up. It looks like these two are having a wonderful time. Many thanks for sharing this great picture, Sue P.

Another thought I just had, maybe they were playing hard and are hot and tired, no matter the season or temperatures.

Sorry Lisaargel, I was not trying to be judgmental, I live in Washington state, it gets hot here once in a while too.


I thought that was what she was trying to depict with the picture. Don't be so judgmental.


@ meggie & generic_bear2 How do you know this pic was not in the summer of a northern state? You know they have summers in Alaska too? Don't be so judgemental.
Great pic!

It is too bad the owner doesn't put up a swimming pool for them, one of those kiddie things. Still, what beautiful faces!!


Oh, I see what you mean. Poor things. Miserably hot. They need to be where it's cold with those gorgeous coats. Imagine sitting under a hot sun on a beach and someone dumping two fur coats over you... How awful. I remember seeing arctic dogs when I visited Hawaii. They ought to be outlawed in hot places! Thank you for posting. It gives insight and education.

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