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If you walk in the woods today

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you better not go alone!
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  1. caanan1:14
  2. wigma1:20
  3. auntmom71:22
  4. Robbos1:29
  5. Cootje601:30
  6. jimbos1:31
  7. sharktooth11:35
  8. davitai1:46
  9. begonia1:52
  10. jxner1:59


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I´m sorry surfer to hear this... I also have osteoarthritis but in my fingers. It was diagnosticated me 10 years ago. No medicaments for this diseases only painkiller but it damages stomach.


i'm sorry to hear that too, surfer. i would be more likely to run into these in the safeway than in the woods. i broke my foot a couple of years ago and that's the only that holds me back. as a serious mushroom hunter i hate that i can't going hunting by myself anymore.


No answer to that one latifa, you get lemons you make lemonade.


Aw, that's no fun. Sorry to hear that. Any idea what started it?


Sure if l could. Hubby and l used to walk 10 klm on our river valley trails before breakfast until two years ago when l suddenly developed osteoarthritis in my legs. My limit now 1/2 a block, l do more with a walker or grocery cart. l so miss walking in the woods.


ooh... I agree... will you come with me? :0))

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