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1994 Norwegian Ski Team Sweater

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My latest creation is knitted from a Dale of Norway pattern I bought in the nineties. It is actually made from "Heritage", a sock yarn that is 75/25 wool/nylon and actually has a nice soft hand. This took a little over 2 months to finish.
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That's what I was thinking about. I didn't realize they didn't have a foot on them. Anything that will cover these g-narly old things up might be a good idea after all. Thanks Gayle


Well, there are always Bavarian calf socks for people who wear holes in the feet of their socks. You gotta have the right legs for them, though. ;-)

Judy still has the first pair of socks I knit her from years ago. Socks don't last me more than a couple years, with or without nylon. I go through the bottom of the heel. There is a pattern in the book for knee highs and several different shapes of hats. Nah, I don't think so, not for me.


Thinking back to socks, I recall socks in which the heels and toes had nylon reinforcing those areas. I'm guessing that if the yarn itself is comprised of some nylon, your socks should probably stand up really well. The only way to know for sure is to now knit yourself a pair of coordinating socks that you can wear every time you wear your sweater. Let us know a couple of decades from now how the socks hold up.

A dear friend knit two pairs of socks for me about 20 years ago. I wear them often and when I do, I think of her. They're still holding up. One pair is wool and I suspect the other pair is acrylic.

Thanks Gayle. This was finished a bit before Christmas. Even though it is a sock yarn it is incredibly soft. I don't think socks made of it would wear very well.


Your sweater is incredible, Tim! I'm assuming you just made this one recently. The weather should be just right for parading your gorgeous sweater around town.

Yes it can be tough to follow especially if the game/program gets exciting. The good news is that a lot of it is repetitive and the pattern is complicated enough that an occasionally incorrect stitch isn't very noticeable. Loved your series on France. Been watching Stanley Tucci series on Italy on CNN. Very good. Take Care


Gorgeous color and pattern. I used to crochet afghans and do just about anything else at the same time that didn't need my hands. But I can't imagine following a storyline and keeping track of this pattern at the same time, Tim!

Thanks Libi. Knitting is what I do in the evenings when watching television so it is not a total waste of time
Puitepe. Thank you. I want to encourage you to learn to use wool. I don't actually wash them. When needed they are soaked in a wool wash detergent like Woolite for 30 minutes and then rinsed, rolled in towels to get rid of excess moisture and then laid out flat on towels to the needed size. is another Norwegian sweater made years ago and actually worn yesterday. 12 Pages back in my puzzles you can see many of my sweaters (jumpers)


and, the yarn is a smart decision. i - years ago - made a sweater like that for me, in natural coloured shetland wool. took me ages to finish it, each row was different. first time in my life i cared about temperature and washing liquid when it was to be first time washed....and i could watch it shrinking....i was so frustrated. my cat loved to lay on the "leftovers". i never ever again used or will use wool like that, am using sock wool also.


that is simply beautiful..


It's beautiful, Tim! I have always liked Norwegian designs and the material is definitely very comfortable. I really admire you because I know it's hard work.

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