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  1. Ellei15:56
  2. venus8916:38
  3. mtols1317:20
  4. JoanW17:22
  5. alazuza19:37
  6. rocking19:37
  7. asfarehmatullah20:56
  8. mrsroy21:15
  9. allardpj22:50
  10. mcamb23:20


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You're so welcome and thank you, Judy. Glad that you especially liked this one.


Cathy, I really, really enjoyed this puzzle, because I can easily distinguish the horizontal from the vertical stripes and the patterns and colors compliment one another well. Thanks for the fun, and I look forward to more.


Yes it's quite scary out there, for sure. Me? I'm staying in the woods....and as I write this it is 100 degrees...and it's past seven p.m!
Glad you enjoyed hit puzzle with all the stripes :)

I must be getting better at this puzzle thing. I was only three minutes behind the last time on the Leaderboard! Guess which one is my favorite square. Yep, the coffee cup. I like the bit of swirl on it. Of the rest of the squares, I like the red ones. I guess I am just partial to red. I haven't been drinking as much coffee lately. So I had a cup yesterday. It was delicious. 'Course, I put honey a cream in it. Keeping being protected. Our 11 year old Grandson was exposed this weekend! Very scary.

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